To charge a cancellation fee or not… ?

So, you’ve taken a booking with a good & regular client in good faith. You turn away other bookings, only for your regular client to cancel at the last moment. You are out of pocket. Your head says charge the cancellation fee, your heart says not. What to do?

Good & regular means a lot. Sometimes you need to take the loss on the chin, and chalk it up to your marketing budget. Good & regular clients are hard to find, and an important stream of income. Look after them. Sure, charge the cancellation when you know it’s appropriate, but as Robert DeNiro’s character in ‘Ronan’ said “if there is any doubt, there is no doubt”. You know the right thing to do with your first instinct. Let them know they’ve been let off the hook though.

We work to an established etiquette, and we need to uphold that - but do not be blind to what your business requires.

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